Creating A Comforting & Nurturing Space

During these challenging times, staying home is not something that we are necessarily doing by choice. With that in mind, we know that our home spaces are taking on more responsibility than they have in the past. Our spaces now need to inspire feelings of productivity and multitasking. If they weren’t consistently used before, our home offices are becoming a focal point as more and more employees are engaged in remote working arrangements. But with all of the additional tasks being undertaken in our homes and living spaces, we need to remember that above all, our interiors should be a space of welcoming comfort and nurturing design. They need to be workable and livable.

That’s why one of our trusted brands, Thayer Coggin, is focused on creating modern furniture that follow the beliefs and principles of one of their designers, Milo Baughman. He believes that home design should bolster family life, provide an opportunity for socializing, but also allow for a need for privacy. With more of us spending a great deal more time at home these days, the need for a design that emphasizes and supports family life, while also providing a focus on privacy is more important than ever. “The structured environment, whatever it is, has to be good for the human inhabitants of that environment. It must offer significant social and emotional benefits; it cannot simply look good…,” Milo famously stated.

So what does that mean for your space? This means choosing chairs that are stylish and have great design, but also cradle and hug to emphasize comfort, like the Real Good Swivel-Tilt Chair. Anchor your living spaces with a sofa or sectional that provides generous seating with luxurious comfort, like the Straight Up Sectional Sofa. Store away your families or home goods when they’re not in use with the clean and classic-design of the Design Classic Credenza.

Thayer Coggin prioritizes these ideals with their timeless modern designs. For over 65 years, they have been utilizing their unique process to ensure the quality and continuity of their designs. This means that each piece is designed by you and then bench-made by a single craftsperson. So when you invest in a Thayer Coggin design, you can be sure that it’s the highest quality and designed especially for your tastes and needs.

With a focus on creating spaces that inspire comfort and function, our award winning team of interior designers can help transform your living spaces to match your evolving needs. During these challenging times, our team is committed to your safety, which is why we’re happy to schedule a virtual design consultation or shopping appointment. Our award-winning designers can show you products, fabrics, colors, and more via FaceTime, Skype, or your other preferred digital video platform.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out via our contact page, by phone at 262.227.0409, or by email at We are so thankful for your continued support during this time.