Creating a Comfortable Home Office

Whether your home is a designated space for running a business or you just want a space to pay bills and organize your schedule, you deserve more than just a desk and chair pushed into a corner. The award-winning designers at our Milwaukee furniture showroom are offering a few tips to help create a great space.

Invest in a great chair

Especially if you’ll be spending a lot of time at your desk, a visually appealing, ergonomically-correct seat is well worth the investment. If you’re uncomfortable in your space, you likely won’t be as productive. Don’t think you have to sacrifice style to get something great! We carry a number of brands with exceptional style options.

Let your style shine

The benefit to having an office at your home is that you have the freedom to do with it whatever you want. Want a chandelier? Go for it! Want to display some unique accessories? Find a shelving unit you love to display them. Basically, don’t think you have to make the space look or feel like an office. It should an extension of your home and show your true style.

Consider the location

Just as you wouldn’t want your kitchen to be in a closed off, dark area, you wouldn’t want your workspace to be that way either! Make sure you designate an area that will make you feel comfortable.

To learn how award-winning interior designers at our Milwaukee area furniture showroom can help you create a productive and stylish space for your home office, visit Warren Barnett Interiors today!