Designer Highlight: Hancock & Moore

What makes Warren Barnett so special is the vast array of brands and artists whose pieces you’ll find when you walk through our showroom. Our award-winning interior designers work to provide clients with unique items that create beautiful spaces in their homes.

The legacy of Hancock & Moore came to be in 1981 when Jimmy Moore took his passion for furniture making to new levels. He spent countless hours sanding, hand-craving, upholstering, and sewing exceptional pieces.

The designers at Hancock & Moore understand that style emanates from within. For that reason, each of their original pieces is custom-made to your exact requirements. They have a driving passion for accommodating self-expression, beginning with endless options for leather and fabric.

They carry with them a tradition of hand-built quality and pride in craftsmanship, ensuring your expression of style will last for generations. To this day, up to 80 hours are spent creating each piece of Hancock & Moore furniture.

Hancock & Moore specializes in seating of all kinds, from sofas to chairs, benches to stools, and everything in between. They also handcraft more unique items like home theatre seating, power lift chairs, and motion seating, catering to a variety of needs and room types.

Our showroom in Brookfield is home to beautiful pieces from Hancock & Moore and many other high quality, American-made brands. To learn more about Hancock & Moore and see how these pieces can be incorporated into your home, stop by today to speak with a designer. We’ll help you transform your space into something you’re sure to adore.