Featured Piece: Anna Conda Seating

Many of our interior designers hear similar things from clients when asking them what they feel are the most important elements of a new space. Of the several commonalities, one request we hear more often than not is functionality.

While people want to have a beautiful space, they also want it to provide value to their everyday life – and rightfully so! We use our home for a variety of activities, so why not have furniture that can adapt to your needs? The Anna Conda seating system by Thayer Coggin does exactly that.

For years, Thayer Coggin has been working to provide innovative, modern-inspired furniture designs that are both beautiful and functional. In previous blogs, we’ve talked about some of Thayer Coggin’s most iconic pieces, which are favorites among our clients. The Anna Conda seating system has quickly become incredibly popular due to its sleek lines and modular design.

The perfect “pit” for a shapely design solution, Milo Baughman’s Anna Conda modular seating system is a versatile creature. Born in 1970, Anna Conda with its three modular units – straight, wide back, wide front – can be arranged in a myriad of forms, from serpentine, circular, to gently curved. Whether you love to entertain and want your furniture to adapt to changing needs or simply enjoy the freedom to switch things up, this collection is a winner.

What’s not to love? When you embrace Anna Conda, the design possibilities are boundless. Our award-winning interior designers can help you find the perfect combination of Anna Conda pieces to work beautifully in your home. Visit our showroom in Brookfield today to discover this and other seating options from Thayer Coggin!