Featured Piece: Clip 2 Modular System

Thayer Coggin’s expertly crafted midcentury and modern furniture pieces have been favorites among clients of our Milwaukee designer furniture store for years. They’re always innovating with new and exciting designs, but keep the well-loved classics around, too.

This month, we’re taking a moment to feature a special piece – or rather a set of pieces – called the Clip 2 Modular System. Designed by Ransom Culler, the Clip 2 sectional sofa is a new contemporary classic. The Clip 2 series features unique “clips” for support, but they also give the sofa a handsome profile from both the front and back.

The Clip 2 modular system is one of Thayer Coggin’s several super systems, with a multitude of modular units you can mix and match based on how you wish to use your space. The curved Clip 2 pieces can match with the straight Clip 2 pieces, allowing for a myriad of possible seating configurations.

Clip 2 features luxuriously comfortable, long-lasting spring down seating and can be upholstered in any of their exclusive curated fabrics and leathers or your own supplied fabric. For even more customization options, you can choose any standard wood finish, or opt for polished stainless, brushed bronze, or acrylic legs and base.

Simply put, the Clip 2 modular system is a modern beauty that can be utilized in many areas of the home. Want to customize your own? Visit our Milwaukee designer furniture store today to get started with one of our award-winning interior designers!