Featured Piece: Decked Out Seating

For some, the word “modern” may seem a bit intimidating. It’s often thought of as being unattainable for everyday life, having strong ties to art and sculpture. Our talented team of Milwaukee interior designers want to help clients understand, if modern style is what you desire, how simple it is to integrate modern elements into your space.

Simply put, it’s okay to break the “rules” of design. To embrace modern style, you can simply take inspiration from quintessential design cues. Simplicity, clean lines, mixed materials, functionality…these are all things which exist in great modern design. It’s worth noting, however, this style isn’t for every space. There’s beauty in juxtaposition, but modern design may not be the best choice for, say, a Colonial style home.

Thayer Coggin is a fan favorite brand amongst Warren Barnett Interiors customers, and for good reason! They recently revealed a new collection of products that continue the tradition of greatness.

Tailored, modern, comfortable and urbane, the new Decked Out collection is youthful and fresh. Created by Ransom Culler, these new seating options are as comfortable as they are glamorous. Each item features crisply tailored seats which complement its fashionable, stiletto legs. Available with either satin brass or polished stainless steel legs, Decked Out’s curvy, high heeled forms make any space feel uptown. Both the Decked Out Sofa and its companion chair feature luxurious poly blendown seating with fiber/down backs.

Whether your home is already filled with modern beauties or you’d like to learn how you can incorporate modern style into your own space, we encourage you to visit us at our showroom in Brookfield! One of our brilliant Milwaukee interior designers will help you find the piece or pieces that will work best.