Featured Piece: EZ Rider Chair

When most people think about designing a living space, the first piece of furniture they consider is likely a sofa. It’s considered the centerpiece of a room due to its size, functionality, and overall importance.

While the sofa is important, it’s finding the right accent pieces and accessories that truly makes a space feel custom. In many cases, one way to elevate a space is through the use of lounge chairs. For over 60 years, Thayer Coggin has been crafting high quality modern furniture – including a variety of lounge chair styles.

At our designer furniture showroom in Brookfield, we regularly look to Thayer Coggin for inspiration when working with clients. The EZ Rider Lounge Chair, designed by Milo Baughman, is a unique piece that is modern by design, but has the ability to work well in a variety of spaces – from modern to transitional to romantic.

Born to be wild in 1969, the EZ Rider armless lounge chair is a timeless modern classic. Whatever comes your way during the day, this chair will help take you away with its low-slung comfort and adventurous style. Featuring buttonless tufting, foam/fiber tight seats and either stainless steel or brushed bronze metal work, the EZ Rider will secure your adventurous escape within your own home – no gasoline or helmets required.

Our award-winning designers are always on-hand to help find the perfect furniture, accent pieces, and one-of-a-kind accessories to make your house a home. Visit our designer furniture showroom in Brookfield to get started on your next interior design project today!