Featured Piece: Left/Right Wing Chairs

What does bold mean to you? For some bold may be a bright color on the wall. For others, it’s challenging design “rules” and breaking the mold. No matter how you define it, there are some things that the majority can agree would be considered bold. Two of those things are the Left Wing and Right Wing swivel chairs by Thayer Coggin.

A far cry from boring, these chairs are truly pieces of art.

The bold, sculptural Left Wing and Right Wing swivel chairs are designed as a statement piece, like a star in the room destined to say something. On their own, they make for a unique, fun punch of the unexpected. When grouped as a pair, they form a playful conversation environment, especially when discussing politics – like a gentle, curvaceous roller coaster with no straight lines.

Designed by Rick Lee, these cozy, ergonomic chairs and can be upholstered in any of Thayer Coggin’s in-house curated fabrics and leathers or your own material! The swivel base is available in either a polished stainless steel or dark bronze finish.

Want to learn more about the Left Wing and Right Wing swivel chairs? Come visit us in Brookfield! Our showroom is located on Capitol Drive in Brookfield. Our award-winning interior designers are always on hand to assist with your next design project!