July Style: Blues & Neutrals – Forever Fashion Staples

Some styles last forever. In homes throughout the world, neutrals serve as the foundation for some of the most stunning interior designs. Shades of blue, often thought of as calming colors, have also proven their worth as a design staple.

Layered neutrals and all-American soft blues are forever designer favorites that take on new heights through Lillian August’s artistic vision. In her latest collection, Lillian embraced these shades unlike ever before.

In the dining room, layered neutrals complement each other – a creamy white weave plays off a greige texture. For the bedroom, romantic and serene blues dominate for an entirely livable look. A grey Limestone Blue bed grounds the room, while light floral bedding in a soft linen delights and beckons. In a casual living space, comforting oranges and browns evoke a British style with the confident statement of muted amber.

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