July Style: The High Life

Century Furniture’s focus on incredible design and lasting quality brings out some of the greatest pieces available. The incredibly talented designers at our Milwaukee area furniture showroom appreciate Century’s attention to detail and the great quality with which the pieces are made. Here is a bit about one of their newest style collections which they call The High Life.

The High Life is a state of mind. It is a return to what is natural, but with a modern sensibility. Casual but chic, it is a mix of high and low. Natural materials and organic looking patterns. This design aesthetic beckons to our tactile senses, urging us to touch and feel.

At once familiar, these textures and patterns speak to us. They are subtle reminders of the beauty in our world. Drier finishes and unexpected materials give a soul to newer pieces making them feel at once current and fresh. Rooms feel gathered and curated, but not intentional. Nothing is too perfect or arranged and as a result you want to linger. This purposeful mix is comfortable and easy to live with, and that’s why we love a the high life.

Want to experience The High Life in your own home? Visit our Milwaukee area showroom today to learn more about exceptional furniture pieces from Century Furniture that cater to this unique style. Our award winning designers will help you find the perfect thing – whether it’s a single item or an entire home’s worth of pieces – to create a design you’ll absolutely adore!