June Style: Freshly Focused

For some, interior design is more than just pretty furniture and decorative objects placed inside a room. It has the power to tell the story, evoke an emotion, or make a statement. Century Furniture’s latest furniture introductions for Spring/Summer 2017 offer exciting new styles to help represent your personality.

This month, we’d like to highlight one of the style collections known as Freshly Focused. Here’s a bit about the style as told by Century Furniture:

Freshly focused is a story of subtle glamour meets relaxed refinement. Textural with cut velvets, it also mixes in elements such as silk and dry wood-tone finishes alongside scrubbed paints.

Pretty but not fussy, these rooms are the embodiment of casual elegance.

Often referring to dress codes, “casual elegance” is a unique contradiction. The former is laid-back, cool, effortless, and approachable. The latter is put-together, polished, intentional, and formal. It may seem unusual to blend the two together, but the possibilities are limitless.

The key to achieving this look is using elements in unconventional ways. An ornate sofa adorned with throw pillows in a variety of textures and patterns tones down the formality. Chairs upholstered in velvet with weathered wood accents create a stunning juxtaposition.

Our award-winning designers have the knowledge and resources to help you achieve any style you desire, from formal to casual and everywhere in between. We encourage you to visit our showroom in Brookfield to learn more about our design services and explore our wonderful selection of designer furniture.