March Style: Saturation of Color

The sun is shining and the thought of warm summer days is running through our minds! As the snow melts and color starts to pop into the landscapes around us, we’re inspired to inject color into our own homes. Century Furniture has introduced a style collection to help our award-winning designers achieve exactly that, bringing gorgeous style and bold colors to spaces throughout the homes of our clients throughout Milwaukee.

Bright color, bold patterns, and natural finishes are at the heart of this month’s featured style. “Saturation of Color” is sure to be loved by those who want their home to be as vibrant and colorful as their personality.

Each of Century Furniture’s styles has a “personality” from which they draw their inspiration. Here’s a quick description of the inspiration for the “Saturation of Color” collection.

The heroine who serves as inspiration to this style spends part of her time in the drier regions of the country where she appreciates the energy of saturated color. Inspired by the wide open skies and baron landscapes, she accents her home with vibrant colors-burnt orange, turquoise and cranberry-all grounded by dry finishes and earthy tones. A risk taker, she is bold in her decisions, and exuberant for the natural world.

To discover some of the stunning patterns and bold colors featured in this style, visit our showroom to browse pieces from Century Furniture. Our award-winning designers can help clients throughout Milwaukee create their dream home! Get started on your next design project today.