Designing Spaces for Art Lovers

For those who love art, it can sometimes be difficult to find the right furnishings and design elements to complement your favorite works in your home. At our Milwaukee furniture store, award-winning designers utilize state-of-the-art technology and proven expertise to combine the beauty of unique art pieces with the form and function of furniture and accessories to create a cohesive space. Here are a few tips for successfully incorporating artwork into your home.

Balance color

When finding furnishings to complement an art piece, consider the composition and color within. By using the balance of color as inspiration for the composition of the room, you’re giving the feel that the art was meant to be there. Repeating colors, shapes, or lines through upholstery fabrics and accessories is a fantastic way to achieve this.

Mix and match

People often feel you cannot place more than one piece of art within the same room. That’s not the case! If an artist has two pieces with similar styles, placing them in the same space and increase the impact each has on the overall aesthetic. In this case, placement is key.


Strategic placement of mirrors in a space can have a dramatic impact on the way people view the art, forcing them to notice the reflections and interpret the artwork from different angles and positions.

Let it speak for itself

Sometimes the best way to incorporate artwork into your space is by letting it be the focal point. By keeping the furnishings, accessories, and wall color in a monochromatic tone, your artwork will stand out with little effort.

To learn more about how you can incorporate your favorite artwork into your home, or to view one-of-a-kind pieces, visit our furniture store showroom in Brookfield serving the greater Milwaukee area!