Milwaukee Furniture Brands: Spring/Summer 2014 with Thayer Coggin

One of the most important aspects of the products we offer at our Milwaukee furniture store is quality. We strive to deliver pieces that will not only catch your eye, but will stand the test of time. When choosing suppliers, we take into account a number of factors – strong composition, detailed craftsmanship, and finishes that last.

Thayer Coggin exemplifies the quality and lasting style we look for in a great brand. Made right here in the USA, the pieces from this high-end brand exude sophistication and elegance with clean, modern lines and timeless finishes. For over 60 years, Thayer Coggin’s dedicated and experienced master craftsmen have helped create one-of-a-kind furniture pieces that carry out the legacy of its founders.

Thayer Coggin recently re-issued a number of designs from Milo Baughman, the company’s co-founder, which bring beautiful style and grace to any room.

Milwaukee furniture mid-century

The Button Up sofa is the perfect piece for an inviting seating area. This Scandinavian influenced, mid-century style piece was originally conceived in 1959 and is as comfortable as it is beautiful.

Milwaukee furniture store casual

The Laid Back lounge chair makes for a stylish way to take it easy. Solid walnut legs and a simple silhouette compliment many styles. The Olive ash burl cocktail table has been redesigned with bronze “heels” to add height and sophistication to the original design.

Milwaukee furniture modern

The new Get Smart seating collection embodies modern style with materials like acrylic, stainless steel, and leather. Incredibly comfortable, the pieces from this collection include a lounge chair, sofa, and studio sofa.

We are proud to partner with Thayer Coggin to bring furniture that boasts quality craftsmanship to the homes of our clients. To learn more about these and other fabulous Thayer Coggin pieces, visit our Milwaukee furniture store. Our interior designers are here to help!