Our Milwaukee Interior Designers Love Modern Geometry

Milwaukee interior designers modernSometimes you just have to go back to basics. Remember the days of algebra and geometry? You may not realize it, but home design relies heavily on geometric concepts and ideas. Modern interior design takes cues from these basic shapes, creating stunning patterns and visuals through repetition, color blocking, and other techniques.

This month we’re highlight a beautiful style, “Modern Geometry,” which features gorgeous, simple designs that can add incredible personality to any space. Here’s a bit of information about this style as told by Century Furniture.

Geometric motifs first emerged on the home furnishings scene in a big way at the High Point Market in the Spring of 2012. Since then these bold graphic patterns have not turned loose and continue to dominate the landscape in everything from fashion to floor coverings. Modern and fun, we expect to see these patterns hang around for quite some time.

Milwaukee interior designers modern sofaWhat do our Milwaukee interior designers love about this trend? The mix between simple, clean lines and detailed, linear patterns make pieces from this style so beautiful. When you think modern, some think basic and boring. These pieces are far from that! A plethora of fabric options, colors, and silhouettes bring excitement to your space.

If you’d like to learn more about the Modern Geometry style from Century Furniture, call or stop by our showroom. Our Milwaukee interior designers will gladly sit down with you to discuss how pieces from this style can work for your home. Visit us in Brookfield today to get started with a consultation!