November Style: American Modern

Clean lines, sophisticated finishes, and timeless designs. These concepts are the essence of Century Furniture’s style they call American Modern. This luxurious grouping of furniture pieces will surely complement rooms of all types. The pure simplicity of the silhouettes allows great flexibility.

Here’s a bit about the style, as told by Century Furniture:

New Century. A new era, a new style. A unique way of combining traditional and modern, elegant and casual, bold and delicate, in designs for modern life.

At over 125 pieces, Thomas O’Brien’s collection for Century includes many types of furniture, from upholstery to handcrafted wood and metalwork, for every room of the home. In style it is just as ambitious and interesting. There are purely handsome French and Scandinavian modern inspirations, but also the world of historical English forms, and the glamour of the American skyscraper age in between.

All of these influences are refined and recombined through the ways that Thomas thinks about vintage and modern living. Some of them are dressy. Some are casual. Everything has an essential American elegance that makes the design lasting.

With the help of our award-winning interior designers, you too can utilize pieces from Century Furniture’s American Modern style collection to create beautiful, comfortable spaces throughout your home – whether living, dining, bedroom, home office, or any other room!

Visit our showroom in Brookfield today to explore furniture, accessories, and more. Our designers will be happy to help as little or as much as you need – whether a single piece or an entire home.