October Style: A Fashionable Home

Fashion isn’t just for the runway! True style is found in your home as well as your wardrobe. Our award-winning interior designers in Milwaukee work to transpose your personal style into livable spaces. Century Furniture, one of our most popular brands, helps us achieve this goal with a gorgeous style they refer to as “A Fashionable Home.”

Here’s a bit about the style, as told by Century Furniture:

This lifestyle is all about a fearless, confident woman, who is aware of trends but does not care to be trendy. She embraces color but uses it as punctuations in her fashion and her home. We began with gold as an undertone, and then layered in black & white with pops of unexpected color. Pink leather on chairs playfully echoes a handbag or pair of heels, while a bold new animal textile creates a Diane von Furstenburg moment, an element of surprise.

At the root of high fashion is this story of things made by hand. So too is that story at the heart of furniture. Our muse understands craftsmanship and decorates her home purposefully and artfully, to showcase its beauty. fashion and her home.

Creating a fashionable home can be simple! Whether you’re in need of one piece or an entire home’s worth, our designers are happy to help you as much or as little as you’d like – a complimentary service for our clients.

With the help of the award-winning designers at our Milwaukee furniture showroom, you can create spaces in your home that withstand the test of time. Visit the Warren Barnett Interiors showroom today to discover incredible pieces from Century Furniture along with a variety of other exceptional furnishing brands. We look forward to working with you!