The Perfect Accessories with Our Milwaukee Interior Designers

More often than not, people have difficulties bringing a space to successful completion. When you come to Warren Barnett Interiors, our Milwaukee interior designers help you find the pieces that take your space from basic to beautiful. Here are some great accessory items that work well in all types of spaces.


Books, flowers, candles, objects…they all look effortlessly stylish when placed on a unique tray. On an upholstered ottoman, a tray adds functionality of a tabletop. At the end of a bed, a tray adds a bit of spa-like elegance. In a dining space, a tray with cocktail accessories and a few glasses makes your buffet look like a high-end bar.

Milwaukee interior designers mirror accessoriesMirrors

Strategically placed mirrors can completely change the look of a room. By using them in smaller spaces, you can trick the eye into thinking the room is larger. Near the soft glow of a lamp or candles, the light can be reflected to create stunning ambiance. In a grand entrance, a framed mirror adds form and functionality.


Lamps are often forgotten. While natural light is the best source for seeing the true vibrancy of colors, lamps create romantic and sophisticated glow. Best of all, the style options are endless. Nowadays, lamps are more than just sticks with lights on them. Lamps are sculptural pieces of art that won’t ruin your style.

If your space needs a bit of help, contact our Milwaukee interior designers. We will work to bring great style into your home and make each and every room feel special. Call 262.790.1111 or stop by our showroom in Brookfield, WI to get started!