Secrets to Spectacular Rooms

A lot of people assume interior designers all possess a “secret book” of sorts with rules for creating stunning spaces. While certain guidelines exist – like ones for measurements and sizing – the truth is this: there are no “secrets.” The team of award-winning interior designers at our Milwaukee furniture store do, however, have some tips to consider when working on a new space.

Hanging Artwork

While this item can be interpreted differently in different homes, a general rule of thumb is to hang artwork and photos so the center is about 55-60 inches from the floor. The average human eye level is 57 inches, so it’s smart to keep them around that. If your room’s ceilings are higher, remember the height of your art should be in relation to humans, not the structure. You may be tempted to hang them higher to account for space above, but eye level is still ideal.

Give Your Furniture Some Space

No matter the size of your room, it’s crucial not to overcrowd it with furniture. Basically, you’re better off investing in fewer, higher quality pieces than you are filling a room with deals and steals that won’t last. If you have a small space but need a lot of seating room, consider pieces that offer multiple uses with a small footprint, like upholstered ottomans.

Pick Your Paint Last

This is often something people moving into a new home will experience. Though you may like the idea of having everything painted first, you’re better off selecting paint later. There are so many tones, tints, and shades of paint available that what you think you want may not work best once the space is complete. By focusing primarily on finding large items that coordinate, you minimize the stress of having to repaint later.

Let the award-winning designers at our Milwaukee furniture store help you learn how to create stunning interiors throughout your home. Visit Warren Barnett Interiors today to get started on your next project!