September Style: Classic Palm Beach

As summer comes to an end and we fade into fall, some of us may continue dreaming of warm weather and sunny skies. Lillian August understands that desire, and channels the wonder of warm, beachy vibes in a fabulous color collection known as Classic Palm Beach.

Inspired by the well-known Floridian city, the elements in this collection evoke a carefree yet luxurious lifestyle. Combining high-end finishes with natural tones, it’s a wonderful way to create a stunning juxtaposition where casual meets glamor.

Here’s a little bit about the collection, as told by Lillian August:

America’s favorite color, the softly bright blue, takes on a classic Palm Beach aesthetic when set against retro salmon. An accent chair in a luxe leather baby blue played with nailhead detail shares space with white into the classic blue and white scheme, for a light and summery elegance. In the living space, a sofa is ultra-feminine with salmon, peach and cream stripes – it faces a tufted sofa in an ethereal blue texture, to create a beautifully inviting and gracious setting. A settee brings a romantic air, with a damask cream patterning, into the timelessly elegant bedroom.

We may be big fans of all things autumn, but there’s nothing wrong with bringing the feeling of summer and sunshine into your home – and this Palm Beach-inspired collection is the perfect way to do it!

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