Setting the Tone for Serenity

Several months ago, we blogged about the 2016 Pantone Colors of the Year: Serenity and Rose Quartz. We’ve been incorporating these wonderfully soft colors into the interior designs of clients through the Milwaukee area, and have fallen in love with the calm attitude they bring to a space. Our designers understand the desire to create spaces which are serene and inviting, and we’re sharing a few tips to achieve that exact goal – drawing a bit of inspiration from the Serenity shade. Keep reading to learn more.

Every room is important

To create a true sense of serenity in your home, it’s important to pay attention to each and every space. While a well designed living room may be the perfect place to relax with family, people often forget to carry that vibe throughout the home. Even those spaces which are often unused – like a formal dining space or guest room – can benefit from a simple update. You may not go in there much, but knowing the space is ready when you do will put your mind at ease.

Confront the clutter

Clutter is a major stressor for a great deal of people. Not only is it unpleasing for the eyes, it can cause unnecessary stress and chaos around the home. To attain serenity in your home, it’s important to tackle that pesky organization project that’s been weighing on you – even if it’s behind closed doors! After you’re done, you’ll be that much more motivated to freshen up the decor.

Unplug and unwind

In a world full of technology, it’s often difficult to put down the device and relax. Consider how you want each space in your home to be used and stick to a plan. With the help of a designer, determine specific areas of your home where technology will be allowed (or not) and curate a space based around a specific activity or purpose. An inviting, conversation-focused living space without a television will welcome guests. A comfortable sitting area is the perfect place to curl up with a book or cup of tea.

At Warren Barnett Interiors, our designers are on-hand to help you with any and every interior design project your Milwaukee home may need! Visit our showroom today to see how we can help you create the calm, serene spaces you desire throughout your home.