Style Crush: Midcentury Modern

Ever feel like trends seem to come and go a lot quicker than they used to? You’re not alone.

At Warren Barnett Interiors, we pride ourselves on creating unique spaces that withstand the test of time by utilizing the highest quality furnishings built with integrity. Though we don’t generally buy into “trends,” we do strive to give clients the ability to choose pieces which speak to their personal style. It’s about finding the right balance between what’s “in” and what you truly desire for your home.

midcentury modern designer furniture MilwaukeeOne style that has become a bit more popular over the last few years is midcentury modern. What’s interesting about this style is, though it has its shining moments, it has really been around (and popular) for many years. Some of the most iconic seating styles are rooted in midcentury design.

Midcentury modern design is quite distinct. It uses a blend of contemporary patterns, natural materials, and pared-down forms. It reaches far beyond just furniture and accessories. Those who are fans of the style tend to favor minimalism in interior design and appreciate getting right to the point. Midcentury modern style sticks to the necessities but doesn’t sacrifice great design. Each piece is thoughtfully crafted to serve a purpose, both in form and function.

Many homes built during the mid 1990s utilized midcentury modern architecture techniques and design elements. There is even a style of graphic design referred to as midcentury. The peak popularity for midcentury modern was between about 1940 to 1970. After that, it became a very niche style, with some furniture items being sought after by collectors.

With pieces from brands like ED Ellen DeGeneres by Thomasville, Thayer Coggin, Barbara Barry, and more, our designer furniture showroom in Brookfield is certainly a destination for lovers of the midcentury modern style. Visit us today to speak with an award-winning interior designer and get started on your next project!