Style Crush: Rustic Modern

Have you ever heard the phrase, “rules were made to be broken?” This sentiment is especially true when it comes to interior design. While there are some rules or guidelines that are worth following – things like how high to hang artwork, pattern scale, etc – interior design as a whole is about showcasing your personal style.

The new ED Ellen DeGeneres by Thomasville Furniture collection features a unique juxtaposition that challenges conventional perceptions. Not often do you hear the words “rustic” and “modern” together!

Rustic style is often characterized by rugged, natural materials. The pieces are generally very earthy, organic, and evoke a “lived-in” or comfortable feel.

Modern style, on the other hand, is most commonly associated with crisp, clean lines. Often incorporated into modern spaces are glass and other hard surfaces, simple or geometric patterns, and overall cleanliness.

In other words, they’re quite different!

Ellen’s love of Scandinavian antiques was at the heart of the Rustic Modern collection. By mixing materials that aren’t commonly found together – like live-edge wood and metal finishes – Ellen was able to achieve a unique vibe that blends the comfort of rustic style with the simplicity of modern style.

Our award-winning interior designers are absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to outfit our clients’ homes with these wonderful pieces from the ED Ellen DeGeneres by Thomasville collection, as well as other high quality brands. If you’d like to learn more about the collection, visit our showroom in Brookfield today! We provide complimentary design services to all of our clients!