Styling Your End Tables

When it comes to your living room, larger pieces like sofas, coffee tables, and storage elements are often considered “foundation pieces.” These are often chosen to be easy to work with, as they’ll likely be around for a while. Accent pieces, such as pillows, accessories, and side tables are a great way to switch up your style and bring a fresh look into your space. Our interior designers have been helping clients throughout Milwaukee style their rooms for years and have a few tips to offer for those looking to style their own end tables.


One of the most common styles, a traditional end table can help bring a sense of coziness to your space. A petite sized table lamp, whether ornate or simple, is a great start. Simple additions like leather bound books, an elegant vase of flowers (real or faux), and a personal item will both tie things together while adding a bit of sentiment – a feeling of “home.”


Often considered the most minimal, a modern end table needs little styling. The goal is to eliminate clutter while still showing style. A geometric vase with a bit of greenery and a couple of small books with plain covers are truly all you need. The key is simplicity. Clean lines, distinct functionality, and minimalism are at the heart of true modern style.


One of the key parts of bohemian style (also known as boho) is the feeling of things being curated or gathered. Mixing tones of both wood and colors, textures, and interesting patterns will do just that. Vintage-inspired pieces, tropical plants, and collected items are the perfect way to bring that eclectic style.


Whether you’re a fashionista or love the glamour of Old Hollywood, it’s simple to achieve the beauty and glitz within your home. Mixing luxurious finishes like metals, mirrors, polished stone (particularly marble), and fashion-inspired elements will give you the look you desire. One of the essential elements to a glamorous end table is groupings of carefully selected books – selected for both their appearance and content. Other elements like lacquered boxes, cute trays, and pretty flowers will complete the look.

Our award-winning designers are here to help you create a story with your home style in Milwaukee. Visit Warren Barnett Interiors today to learn about new pieces to help you achieve the look you’ve been going for.