The Beauty of Bold

For many years, people have defaulted to neutral colors when designing spaces throughout their home. While neutrals are timeless (and for many, the preferred option) there’s something quite exciting about color. Our team of award-winning interior designers at Warren Barnett are always thrilled to help clients select bold elements to incorporate in their spaces.

Here are a few ways in which you can incorporate color in your own home.

Pillows, Throws, + Accessories

The most common way to incorporate color is through one-of-a-kind accessories. A pop of color here and there will help tie things together, while also giving you the freedom to change things out a bit more simply.


The wonderful thing about going with a bold sofa is that it tackles two common design challenges. First, it’s a way of adding color to the space. Second, it creates a focal point in the room. So long as you don’t already have a focal point, considering a bold sofa is an excellent choice. A bright shade of your favorite color in velvet, a unique multicolor print, or a deeply pigmented leather would all make fantastic options.


Compared to other design elements, rugs offer nearly endless options for styles. From traditional to modern and everything in between, there’s something for everyone. Since a rug lays on the floor, it can be a more subtle way to introduce color.

Want to incorporate color into your own space? Visit our showroom in Brookfield to get started with an interior designer today. We’ll help you find pieces you’re sure to love!