Tips for Selecting an Area Rug

When searching for a new home or remodeling an existing one, one of the most sought-after design elements is hard surface floors. From hardwood to tile to polished concrete, the possibilities are endless – there’s truly something for everyone! Unfortunately, there’s one catch. Hard surface floors can feel very cool and less welcoming than carpet. That’s where rugs come in!

When you visit our designer furniture store in Brookfield, you’ll be welcomed by an interior designer who’s there to help you navigate the rug selection process. When choosing a rug, there are a number of factors that come into play. Here are just a few.


There are many textiles used to create rugs, and each offers different pros and cons. One of the main considerations when selecting a material is where the rug will be placed. For high traffic areas, wool is a fantastic option because it combines softness with durability. For those who want to add a tough or glamour to a niche or small space, hides are soft, smooth, and stylish. In areas where traffic is minimal, silk – unparalleled for its softness and natural luster – is a great choice.


Even more so than furniture pieces, rugs offer an expansive array of styles to choose from. From bold and daring to understated and beautiful, there are hundreds of colors, patterns, and designs to choose from. Surprisingly, this is the element most people struggle with. It can be difficult to find something that you like and will work well in the space. Thankfully, our interior designers are here to help!


There are a few common guidelines that are a helpful tool when selecting the best rug size for your space. Just as with material, the placement of the rug is a key consideration when selecting the size. The key is to select something that will fill the space without being overwhelming.

At our designer furniture store in Brookfield, we offer a wide selection of rugs to suit any style. Visit us today to meet with a designer and start the search for your perfect rug!