Trend Report: Rustic Luxe with Century

Milwaukee furniture store CenturySome of you may be aware that two times per year our Milwaukee interior designers attend a national event to learn about new products, trends, and innovations in the industry. Last month our designers attended the fall showcase where they were introduced to a complete line of stunning new products from Century Furniture. One of the most popular new trends that can be found at our Milwaukee furniture store is called “Rustic Luxe.” This trend has become quite popular in recent years and has a distinct, timeless style. For those looking for a high level of comfort and functionality without sacrificing style, this may be your answer.

Here’s a quick description of Rustic Luxe, as told by Century Furniture.

“The combination of dry, desert finishes with high sheen metals and metallic finishes creates this trend which plays to our desire for casual yet sophisticated homes. Century showcases their finishing capabilities to bring to life Rustic Luxe.”

Rustic Luxe can easily be incorporated into any home to create a stunning style. By mixing distressed wood and other rather casual materials with more luxurious metals, the final pieces feature a juxtaposition that results in a unique space. Each piece provides the perfect balance between comfort and aesthetic, creating a beautiful space that you don’t have to be afraid to live in.

Our award-winning Milwaukee interior designers are here to help turn your Milwaukee home into the beautiful showpiece we know it can be. For more information on Rustic Luxe and other trends, stop by our Brookfield furniture showroom to speak with a designer!