Upgrading your WFH Space

Over the past year, many people have made the adjustment from working 100% in an office to working 100% remotely. While some have begun to transition back to spending some time in the office, many plan to continue to work from home and plan to do so for at least a portion of the week for the time being.

With all of that extra time spent at home, we’ve had a great deal of clients giving some attention to unused or under-used spaces in their homes – specifically dedicated home offices and work spaces. To keep productivity high, it’s important to be in a space that’s motivating. That’s where we come in.

From paint colors to furniture to accessories, the design elements in your workspace can have a serious impact on your mood and performance. A dull, tired space will hardly make you feel awake and ready to take on a full day! Even if you have the foundational pieces for a home office, a few quick updates or decorative accessories can make all the difference.

If you’re still working from an old desk and creaky chair and plan to work from home for a while, now may be the time to invest in some quality furniture pieces. Our team of designers can help you select a desk and chair that are the perfect marriage of style and functionality. Comfort is key!

Our showroom is home to Wisconsin’s largest display of high-end furnishings and accessories, and we’re certain there’s something for everyone. We encourage you to visit us in Brookfield on Capitol Drive and see what we have in store. With hundreds of customizable options and a wide selection of quick-ship pieces, we can help craft spaces throughout your home that truly reflect your personal style.