The Art of Mixing Patterns

Patterns are a great way to make a statement in a room. For that reason, it’s understandable why some people find it difficult to mix them! Our award-winning Milwaukee interior designers have years of experience with fabrics and can help you make selections that work with your tastes, the pieces you select, and the overall feel of your space. Here are a few things to consider as you work to select multiple patterns for a single space.

Keep the scale balanced.

Scale is key when it comes to mixing patterns. If one is larger and a bit more bold, it will likely pair well with something that’s a bit smaller. If you decide to go with one that’s quite busy, consider breaking it up with solids so there’s something to soften the blend.

Some patterns are neutral.

Polka dots, stripes, and other “simple” patterns often act as neutrals, meaning they can be used in many situations with a variety of other pattern types. In other words, you could think of them as non-prints. A navy and white polka dot print is a classic option that pairs well with everything from tropical greens to multi-tone ikats and more.

Don’t get too matchy.

This is a common misconception when selecting patterns. Many people feel the patterns need to “match,” but it’s actually more about coordination. Don’t worry about making sure the green from one pattern is an exact match in another.

Keep the competition to a minimum.

Yes, it IS possible to mix patterns without each one competing for the attention in your space. Let your favorite pattern shine – use it on a sofa, chair, or other large item. Then, introduce more subtle patterns in things like pillows or throws. Your patterns should work together to make the space look complete.

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