Create A Calm Space with These Bed Styling Tips!

A beautifully designed bedroom is the perfect way to end your day in serenity. There’s a reason, after all, many refer to the bedroom as a “sanctuary!” Whether you are excited by bold patterns and rich colors or prefer neutrals and simplicity, the general approach to styling a magazine-worthy bed is very similar.

Here are a few ways our award-winning interior designers add personality and create a cozy atmosphere when styling a bed:

Start with the basics

Begin by selecting a high-quality bedding basics. Natural fibers are often the best choice, as they’re the most comfortable hardest-wearing. Opt for sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers that match your desired color scheme. Crisp white bedding can create a fresh and timeless look, while patterns and textures can add visual interest.

Layers are a must

Layering is key to achieving a stylish and inviting bed. Start with a fitted sheet, followed by a flat sheet. Add a lightweight blanket or coverlet, and then top it off with a duvet or comforter. This layering technique not only adds warmth but also creates depth and visual appeal. Depending on the season, you can play around with how you stack the layers to account for different temperatures.

Pillows galore

Arrange pillows of different sizes and shapes to create a plush and inviting look. Start with standard sleeping pillows, then add decorative shams or pillowcases in coordinating colors or patterns. Finish off with a few throw pillows that complement the overall style of your bedroom. Just two or three will do!

Play with textures and patterns

Mixing textures and patterns can add visual interest to your bed. Consider incorporating different fabrics like linen, velvet, or faux fur for added texture. Experiment with patterns such as stripes, florals, or geometric designs to create a dynamic and visually pleasing look.

Add a throw blanket

A throw blanket draped at the end of the bed can add a cozy and stylish touch. Choose one that complements the overall look. You can fold it neatly or casually drape it for a relaxed vibe.

Remember, the key to styling a bed is to create a look that reflects your personal taste and makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. Experiment with different colors, textures, and patterns until you achieve the desired aesthetic. Have fun and let your creativity shine!

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