Discovering the Art of Mixing Patterns

When designing a space, the first thing many people think about is colors. What are your favorite shades? Do you want to embrace bold hues or keep things neutral? While defining your ideal color palette is an essential step, there’s so much more to consider. Sometimes, the best way to design the space of your dreams is to build from a specific piece of art, your favorite decorative accessory, or…a patterned fabric!

Sometimes a bit daunting, the use of patterns – specifically multiple patterns – within a space is essential to making it feel curated and considered. There are so many ways in which it can be incorporated, and even more options from which you can choose! No matter your tastes, there’s a way to bring multiple patterns into your space in an impactful way.

Balance your scales

One of the most important aspects to consider when picking patterns is the scale. It’s best to mix large, medium, and small scale patterns to allow each the opportunity to shine in its own right. Additionally, you want to avoid using the same pattern too much. Found the fabric of your dreams? Try utilizing it on a larger piece (think a pair of side chairs or as a wallpaper) and let that be the star of the show. Mixing in touches of pattern elsewhere in the space – in a different scale, of course.

Keep colors harmonious

When working with pattern, there are multiple ways in which the elements can clash. By working within a complementary color palette, you’ll ensure you’re better able to narrow down pattern options which will work well together.

Embrace flexibility

One of the great things about interior design is that your spaces can evolve as your tastes change over time. It’s perfectly normal to fall in love with a pattern, only to be less wowed by it down the road. Throw pillows, blankets, art, and other accessories are a phenomenal way to introduce patterns in your space and can easily be swapped out as your style changes.

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