February Style: Seventies Inspired

They say “everything comes back in style,” and frankly that tends to be true! Over the last several years, we’ve seen a resurgence of vintage-inspired design. Right now, it seems like both interior design (and even fashion) are experiencing a total throwback. In their latest collection, Seventies Inspired, Century Furniture takes a fresh look at this vintage style.

As the style pendulum keeps moving, we are taken back to the seventies. Punchy patterns and a rich color palette of fuchsia, bronze and green add life to the room. Upholstered legs, clean boxy styles, and explosions of color create this seventies mantra.

This decade had two major trends. No matter your style or aesthetic, there’s likely something you can incorporate or have incorporated into your space which is inspired by this era. The first is the natural bohemian style. From shag rugs to macrame to wood finishes in all shades, this style has become popular among millennial consumers for its laid back, carefree vibes. The second, glitzy or glam style, has been around in some form for a long while. Particular finishes like black marble, brass, and velvet have made the latest trend more quintessentially seventies.

Additionally, mid century modern design was popular for a few decades, but really peaked in popularity during the seventies. The major resurgence of this style over the last few years has proven the power of the seventies takeover. Clients of all ages have been visiting our showroom in search of furniture and accessories inspired by this unique style.

Our award-winning designers can help you find the perfect balance of blending classic pieces and embracing trends. Visit our showroom today to learn more about seventies vintage-inspired design!