July Style: Bright & Balanced

Though neutral colors have taken the design world by storm, bold shades are still as popular as ever. From deep reds to bright blues and everything in between, our interior designers can help infuse your home with vibrant colors.

Century Furniture recently showcased a new family of styles at the Spring Market. From understated to bright and bold, the styles are a wonderful expression of the beauty and quality Century is known for. This month, we’d like to highlight one of the style collections known as Bright & Balanced.

Here’s a bit about the style as told by Century Furniture:

It’s true what they say about the power of color to enhance a mood. The textiles in the Bright and Balanced color story will definitely make you smile. Over scaled ginger jars in vibrant hues mix casually with playful faux quilt patterns and punchy solids. The colors are brighter and more intense, and the combinations are unexpected. We feel suddenly drawn to the water with rolled up seersuckers and brightly colored summer dresses.

There are a multitude of ways which you can introduce color into your space. The first, and most obvious, is through wall color. Before committing to a bright color on your walls, there are many other design elements to consider. That’s where our interior designers come in. By selecting fabrics, furnishings, and unique accessories, we can utilize the science of color to pull a space together.

With our help, you can create bold, stunning spaces in your home. Visit our showroom to see how our designers can help you achieve the Bright & Balanced style in your own home!