June Style: A Curated Home

We recently attended the spring Market, a twice-yearly event where our designers learn about industry trends, innovations in home design, new products, and more. We were pleased to visit Century Furniture, who introduced a new set of style collections, one of which is the swoon-worthy “A Curated Home.”

One of the greatest aspects of this style collection is the nod to flexibility. We believe furniture and accessories should be able to move throughout your home, making space for new items. This style, as the title says, embraces curation – a collection of things over time to create a unique yet cohesive space.

Here’s a bit about the style, as told by Century Furniture.

The Curated Home is all about this concept of home as a gallery, an ever changing space where furniture moves around as needed instead of being set in one place to live in perpetuity. Rooms should evolve as we collect and curate our lives through time. The colors here are inspired by mineral hues. A punch of citrine awakens the grays and spa blues in one room, while in another gallery Rose Quartz acts as the neutral mixing with taupe and beige.

Century Furniture has continued to deliver high-quality furniture pieces injected with unique, yet classic style. Our designers absolutely adore not only the look of the pieces in this collection, but the feeling of flexibility as well.

The possibilities are truly endless. To discover more options Century Furniture has to offer, visit our showroom today!