March Style: Classic Black + White

Classic. Timeless. Clean.

These are words many people hope can be used to be describe the spaces in their home. Because interior design is such a personal experience, those words can be interpreted in a variety of ways.

To some, the thought of designing a home using only black and white is considered boring. “Color is what makes a space exciting!” they may think. If you ask Century Furniture, the absence of color can be great thing. To show why, we’re highlighting the Classic Black + White style collection.

Here’s a bit about the style as told by Century Furniture:

Chinosserie décor and classic black and white textiles equals crisp and classic rooms. It is the white button down shirt and choker of home design. Confident yet youthful, fanciful and chic. You simply can not get this wrong. Add in a touch of color for good measure just to keep them guessing.

Simply put, great style comes in many forms. When you take color out of the equation, you allow focus to be shifted toward texture, pattern, and other elements. This can be a challenge, but an exciting one at that. Whether you’re already a lover of neutral design or want to try something new, we encourage you to consider taking cues from Century Furniture and embrace Classic Black + White style!

Our award-winning Milwaukee interior designers adore the endless possibilities that exist when you utilize black and white in your home. Visit us today to see how you can incorporate this classic style from Century Furniture!