May Style: Urban Bohemian

You’ve likely heard of Bohemian style. Maybe you’re already a proud fan of the seemingly effortless and carefree vibe these spaces often give off. While we don’t plan on creating indoor gardens or renovating our rooms to look like tree houses, there are a lot of fabulous design ideas which can be pulled from bohemian style.

At Century Furniture, the talented artisans have taken the carefree, wanderlust attitude towards interior design as inspiration to create a new style collection they call “Urban Bohemian.” With busy patterns, bold colors, and a sense of regality, this style collection redefines “city style.” Not for everyone, this style is certainly one for those who aren’t afraid of flash and pizzaz. Here’s a glimpse into the inspiration for the style, as told by Century Furniture.

Swirling with saturated earthy colors, Century expands on authentic and artisanal. Rooted in noble textiles—fine Italian leathers, authentic Belgian linens—this lifestyle is comfortable mixing the fine with the more casual. Effortless yet very layered the rooms have a dreamy romantic quality. Grounded by drier finishes and earthy tones, the urban Bohemian lifestyle exudes a wanderlust and carefree way of living.

We like to think of this as a more refined version of true bohemian style. The quintessential bohemian space leaves no spot bare – it is often noted for its random, busy, “curated” appearance. The Urban Bohemian collection takes cues from the original but blends that with a more minimalist attitude.

Our award-winning designers are thrilled to have access to innovative, high-quality furniture pieces right from our showroom in Brookfield. Century Furniture’s commitment to excellence makes it a great choice for all types of spaces. If you’d like to learn more about how you can incorporate the Urban Bohemian style into your home, visit our showroom today!