November Style: Painterly

Like many things in life, interior design is often inspired by fine art. From famous, historic pieces to modern marvels, ideas and inspiration can come from anywhere. What’s more, we all enjoy finding something unique for our home.

Century Furniture recently introduced a new collection of styles, one of which takes inspiration from the concept of painting – more specifically, the stroke of an artist’s brush. Whether you’re looking for something bold or a bit more understated, this collection can make your pieces feel one-of-a-kind, as if it were commissioned by an artist.

Here’s a bit about the style, known as Painterly.

Inspired by bold brush strokes from an artist’s palette, this trend will bring a sense of art appreciation to your home. From strong slashes of saturated color to soft watercolor washes, this pattern will refresh your home and make your upholstery feel like a work of art.

With a variety of durable, luxurious, and comfortable upholstery options in so many styles, custom pieces from Century Furniture are a fantastic choice. Hand crafted in the United States with quality materials by expert craftsmen, each piece is made to order…and made to last.

Our award-winning Milwaukee interior designers are always on-hand to help you find fantastic furniture and accessories which speak to your personal style. Visit our showroom in Brookfield today to discover this gorgeous collection, as well as lots of other fantastic styles!