October Style: Sundance

Sundance Film Festival, known for its relaxed, comfortable vibe and the unique street-style fashion of its attendees, has developed an aesthetic all its own. It started as a way to highlight independent and regional filmmakers who worked outside the Hollywood system. It’s now the largest independent film festival in the United States, but still maintains its casual, laid back style – characterized by neutral colors and natural, earthy textures.

When it comes to interior design, many people view neutrals as “boring.” Lillian August has proved that to be the opposite of the truth with a color collection called Sundance Style.

Here’s a bit about the style, as told by Lillian August.

The iconic, casual American fashion perspective is presented here in layers of neutral coffee tones and pretty patterning that is light and versatile. A bed is understatedly feminine in featherweight fabrics with delicate prints. For living spaces, a curved sectional makes a grand entrance in soft grey velvet. A side chair acts as a statement piece in a black and white pattern that evokes a pared down tribal print. Textured greige and cream give a handsome, tailored look, while a deep charcoal feels chic yet fun with playful polka dot pillows. In contrast, accent pieces are crisp and white, presenting the classic, clean American style.

Our award-winning interior designers are always on-hand to offer as much or as little assistance as you desire. We would be pleased to help you discover the excitement neutral colors can bring to your home.

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