September Style: Pendleton by Sunbrella®

Twice each year, in spring and fall, brands showcase their latest collections at Market. At the latest Market, Century revealed a new collaboration – Pendleton by Sunbrella®. Our team of award-winning interior designers couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome this collection to our store!

Sunbrella® Performance Fabrics have become a staple in the design industry. Founded on the belief that fabrics should be both beautiful and functional, the company started in the 1960s. Known originally for its outdoor and marine applications, the company branched into upholstery fabrics for indoor applications as well.

Another iconic brand, Pendleton, has been weaving fine fabrics in the USA for over 150 years. From clothing and accessories to blankets and throws, their prints are inspired by Native American designs and legends. Their growing technology and expertise has transcended into luxury fabrics.

Century Furniture is now home to a stunning collaboration between these two brands. The Pendleton by Sunbrella® collection features iconic Pendleton patterns, reconstructed as upholstery fabrics.

Here’s a short description of the collection, as told by Century Furniture.

Born from the idea of bringing two best-in-class brands together, the new Pendleton by Sunbrella® collection combines Pendleton Woolen Mills’ distinct Native American-inspired aesthetic and the enduring performance qualities of Sunbrella fabrics – fade proof, easy care and bleach cleanable.

This stunning collaboration is home to a variety of upholstery options that are certain to create an aesthetic in your home that is uniquely Pendleton. Visit our showroom to learn more about this incredible collaboration. Whether indoors or out, we’re certain you’ll love the durability and style each piece provides!