How to Choose the Right Rug for Your Space

Floor coverings are an important part of just about every room design. Especially if you are designing a space with wood, tile, or any other hard-surface flooring, a rug is essential to bring warmth and comfort. With that being said, a rug can sometimes be a significant investment. We want to help you select a rug you’ll love for years to come.


The first step in determining which rug is right for your space is selecting the right size. While we don’t like to say there are “rules” for sizing, there are some general guidelines which with help ensure the rug will function properly.

Living Rooms
For living spaces, you want to take note of where the legs of the furniture will sit. You’ll want at least the front legs of all the furniture to sit on the rug, and in some cases the back legs as well. For a smaller room, an 8’ x 10’ rug will likely do the trick, but larger spaces may require at least a 9’ x 12’ to keep everything grounded.

Dining Rooms
For dining rooms, you should first take into account the size of your table and add six feet to the width (and/or length). For example, if your table is 3’ x 6’, you should consider looking for 9’ x 12’ rugs. This will allow chairs to have all four legs on the rug even when they’re pulled out. If a 9’ x 12’ rug is too big for the space, an 8’ x 10’ will do.

Depending on the layout, it’s nice to have at least 3-4’ of exposed carpet on each side of the three open sides of the bed. It can be laid either parallel or perpendicular to the bed. The most important thing to remember here is most of the rug will be under the bed.


Next you want to consider material and composition. 100% wool rugs are most often recommended due to their durability and easy maintenance. If the room won’t see as much traffic, silk and viscose are options which are less durable but make for beautiful, elegant rugs.


The final, and maybe most difficult, step is determining what style you want. There are hundreds of options to choose from. If your space has relatively simple and neutral pieces in terms of upholstery and decor, something with a pattern may be a great way to add an element of texture. If you already have quite a bit of pattern in your upholstery, it may be best to opt for a rug that’s more neutral. It’s all about finding something you love that works well with the rest of the space.

Our award-winning Milwaukee interior designers specialize in bringing rooms to completion by selecting accessories, lighting, and rugs to tie the space together. Whether you’re looking for a single piece or an entire home’s worth of furnishings, we can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Visit our showroom in Brookfield today to browse our gorgeous selection of hand-knotted rugs in a variety of styles.