Creating a Welcoming Outdoor Space

We’re just barely out of winter here in the Milwaukee, but our award-winning interior designers are already thinking about and planning for the design of outdoor spaces! When it comes to functional outdoor living, it takes as much thought and care as required for interior spaces! Here are a few guidelines our designers follow when working on spaces with our clients.

Embrace Nature

Simply put, you’re bringing the inside, out. Rather than trying to compete with or hide nature, embrace it! Monochromatic furniture and fabrics help blend exterior landscaping with interior style and comfort. Play off the surroundings through the use of flowers, greenery, and natural textures.

Go for Comfort

Whether it will be used for entertaining or personal relaxation, your outdoor spaces need to be as comfortable as your interior ones! High quality, weather resistant fabrics help make furniture functional and stylish. Added amenities like fireplaces, kitchens, etc. can give the space true intention.

Avoid Matching Sets

It may seem like buying a “set” of furniture may be your best bet. For a truly stunning space, mixing wood, metal, wicker, stone, or glass will provide a variety of textures for more visual interest. This will also make the space feel more custom.

Whether you’re looking to spruce up an already great outdoor living are or want to completely reimagine a space, visit our showroom to start working with one of our award-winning Milwaukee interior designers! We’ll help you find the perfect piece or pieces to make your dreams a reality.