March Style: Wanderlust

For those who love to travel, it’s quite common to find design inspiration in the cities you visit. Even our very own interior designers find ideas during trips! Capturing a worldly aesthetic can be achieved through the use of varying textures, rich colors, and unique accessories. Century Furniture channeled this feeling in their latest collection, Wanderlust.

Here’s a bit about the style, as told by Century’s team of experts:

Rooted in the influence of Tribal patterns and motifs, Wanderlust is a nod to the world traveler in us all. From fashion to décor, this broad trend has not faded, nor do we see it losing steam. In home fashion it is infused with animal patterns and rich tapestries and accessorized with art and collections from. No longer a trend, Wanderlust is a full fledged decorating lifestyle.

At Warren Barnett Interiors, our award-winning Milwaukee interior designers are here to help you create spaces that are you uniquely you – not some cookie cutter, “room in a box” set up. We work to bring your personality and style to life through the use of high-quality furniture pieces and one-of-a-kind accessories and artwork. We have an unmatched selection of items, so there’s something for everyone.

Whether you’ve traveled the globe and want to channel those experiences into your home design or you’re just inspired by the beauty of global cultures, we can help transform your home’s interior to reflect that desire.

Visit our showroom to speak with an interior designer and see how the Wanderlust style can work in your home. Discover the beauty, quality, and timeless style of Century Furniture today!