December Style: Pattern Play

In many cases, design is about following certain “rules” or guidelines. On the other hand, part of what makes a space stand out is breaking rules and just doing what you love. With their newest style collection, Pattern Play, Century Furniture has embraced the latter.

Our award-winning interior designers absolutely adore the use of pattern to express individual style. Best of all, using printed fabrics isn’t only for those who love to be bold. There are so many options available, from subtle to statement-making.

Here’s a bit about about the Pattern Play style collection, as told by Century Furniture.

It’s all about mixing pattern! We tend to focus on the notion that all interiors have to match, but it’s much more exciting by taking risk in mixing and matching patterns. High contrast colors of grassy green, navy blues, and pops of persimmon mix to create a multi-pattern look. These bold, colorful patterns of geometric shapes and chinoiserie blend together effortlessly and unify one another, but can easily stand alone as accent pieces in the room. A perfect paradox!

Whether you’re a master of color and pattern or prefer to stay safe on the neutral side, the Pattern Play style collection can be used as inspiration for your space. Our award-winning designers will help you discover how much fun it is to incorporate prints into your home!

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