Designer Highlight: Thayer Coggin

Thayer Coggin furniture is proudly handcrafted in their workshops in High Point, North Carolina. All of their upholstered furniture is custom made to order by master craftspeople. Our award-winning interior designers are thrilled to have the ability to utilize Thayer Coggin resources when designing rooms. Here is a bit of information about this unique company.

Thayer Coggin offers hundreds of fabric choices in a variety of colors, patterns and materials, and they gladly accept client supplied fabrics. Many of their products are available in a variety of wood and metal finishes.

In commemoration of Thayer Coggin’s 60th anniversary as a maker of custom, American-made, modern furniture, a short film was made about furniture pioneer Thayer Coggin, trendsetting designer Milo Baughman, the production process at Thayer Coggin, and all the great people who help make Thayer Coggin furniture a reality.

Take a look at the short film below and experience everything Thayer Coggin has to offer. It truly is a one-of-a-kind brand with an interesting story!

There is something truly special about the story of Thayer Coggin, and the pieces from this exceptional brand create interiors that are to be adored. Ask anyone who owns a Thayer Coggin piece – they absolutely love it!

To learn more about Thayer Coggin, visit Warren Barnett Interiors in Brookfield! Our staff of award-winning designers will happily show you all Thayer Coggin has to offer. We’ll help you find the perfect item to take your space or spaces to the next level!