Featured Piece: The Cheers Tables

What’s interior design without a little fun? At Warren Barnett Interior Design, we work to make the process of designing and decorating your home more enjoyable. Selecting fabrics, choosing art and accessories, and other elements can – and should – be an experience you’re excited about. (Though, if you’re not, we’re here to take the reins!)

In any space, selecting the right pieces of furniture is paramount. Gone are the days where furniture is purely for function. Rooms should speak volumes about your style and personality. Thayer Coggin does just that with iconic, unique, custom furnishings.

One set of pieces, in particular, that sparks joy and fun is the Cheers Tables collection. Originally inspired by the idea and shapes of martini glasses, the Cheers Tables come in four different sizes. Minimal and versatile, these pieces designed by Rick Lee can be mixed and matched in any configuration. They truly celebrate a sophisticated, yet playful spirit.

When we say playful, we mean it! These solid maple tables are available in any Thayer Coggin wood finish. Shown above in Orange Crush, Lemon Zest, Fireball, and Blue Electric, you can see creativity is no concern! The full list of color options can be seen below.

Whether you’re in the market for the Cheers Tables or some other piece of furniture, we’d love for you to visit our Showroom & Design Center in Elm Grove. Our team of award-winning interior designers can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.