June Style: Countryside Chic

We all know that the Farmhouse Style has been extremely popular in the interior design space for some time now. For this season and beyond, we are seeing the farmhouse style evolving into a more-sophisticated, European-inspired look, which is a welcome update. Introducing Countryside Chic. The focus of this particular interior design style involves mixing patterns and textures, incorporating both new and old furnishings and decorative pieces, and seamlessly incorporating botanicals and beloved neutral tones throughout the design.

We believe that your space should be a reflection of your personal style, as well as a culmination of your true functional needs. With that in mind, we love when interior design trends call for a combination of styles, as opposed to a strict depiction of what each design should look and feel like. With Countryside Chic, you can infuse the elements of the traditional Farmhouse Style that you love with newer pieces that provide more sophistication and functionality in your space. Mixing together different textures, fabrics, and old and new pieces will instantly give your space a more unique and interesting style. 

When you enter our showroom, we guarantee that you’ll instantly be inspired and trying to imagine each piece inside your home. Working with our award-winning team of interior designers, we will seek to understand your style, your functional needs, and your desires for your space. With those aspects in mind, we will partner with you to craft the living space and design of your dreams.

Whether you’re looking to bring some countryside chic inspiration to your home or wish to fully embrace the beautiful style, our award-winning designers can help. Contact us to schedule an appointment today to visit our showroom on Capitol Drive in Brookfield!