Make the Most of Your Space With a Custom Sectional

When you’ve got ample space in your living room or are designing a space that is meant for lounging and relaxing, there’s no better option for your main seating choice than a large sectional sofa. With a variety of configurations and styles available, and a lot of furniture brands offering customization, like Thayer-Coggin, it’s no surprise that sectional sofas have increased in popularity over the recent years. Available in a number of different colors, fabrics, and styles, the sectional is a functional, stylish, and welcoming piece for any space.

When choosing or designing the perfect sectional for your space, you want to make sure to take into account a couple of factors. As with any furniture piece, you want to consider the space you have to fill, additional furniture you’d like in the space, and the functional needs of the space. If you have a larger space and you have the room for it, don’t hesitate to maximize the size of the sectional and the amount of seating it provides. Choosing a L-shaped section with a chaise lounge at either end is a great way to differentiate the seating options, with room for plenty of family and friends to sit or lounge comfortably.

You also want to consider what additional furniture you need in your space. Choosing a coffee table or comfortable ottoman is a great piece to add in front of the sectional. As we’ve mentioned in the past, choose a rug to ground the space, and at least sits underneath the front legs of the sectional. If you choose a neutral colored sectional, don’t be afraid to have a little fun with patterns and prints on your rug, pillows, throw blankets, and assorted decor items to finish up the design.

There’s always a lot of decisions to be made and considerations to take into account when redesigning a space in your home. Thankfully, our award-winning team of interior designers has years of experience crafting functional and stylish spaces for our clients with sectional sofas and can help make the decision-making and designing process a breeze. Contact us to schedule an appointment today to visit our showroom on Capitol Drive in Brookfield!