Designer Highlight: Drexel Heritage

Milwaukee furniture store designer featureOur Milwaukee furniture store is home to exceptional brands that value quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and lasting style. This month, we’d like to focus on one of those brands and share with you the brand’s story. Drexel Heritage, founded in 1903, has long been a favorite among clients and continues to deliver gorgeous pieces.

The company has come along way since their start. The first products they offered were a bed, bureau, and washstand made from native oak; the set sold for a wholesale price of $14.50. Hard to think that at some point in time you could buy a bedroom set for the cost of an entree at a restaurant today!

The great thing about Drexel Heritage is that quality is never sacrificed. The same care and attention to detail that went into those first bedroom sets is present in today’s pieces. Drexel Heritage was one of the first furniture companies to employe full time professionals dedicated to style development and design, dating back as early as the 1930s.

Drexel Heritage is widely known as a classically American brand. The company had contracts with the United States government and was commissioned to produce 50,000 desks and 4,000 bedroom suites for use in government housing in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Their dedication to the American way has helped them earn the trust of thousands of loyal customers. Regardless of their unique tastes, Drexel is committed to helping clients achieve the same singular goal: “Help me make it my own.”

The folks at Drexel Heritage have an incredible ability to understand the needs and desires of people around the world. To view some gorgeous pieces, visit our Milwaukee furniture store showroom in Brookfield. We look forward to seeing you!