What’s Your Dining Table Style?

Milwaukee interior designers diningJust like most types of furniture, there are tons of dining table styles to choose from. Determining which is best for your home and personal taste can be difficult. Our talented team of Milwaukee interior designers use their experience and knowledge to help you find great options. We’ve compiled a list of several dining table styles and characteristics associated with each.


Modern dining tables feature clean lines, sharp edges, and often have glass tops. True modern style tables are generally used in very few households due their very style-specific look. Modern tables are visually light and trick the eye into thinking they’re taking up less space then they actually are. For this reason, modern style tables are often used in small scale spaces like apartments.

Counter Height

A style that has become increasing popular in recent years is counter-height dining tables. These elevated tables bring a casual feel to a space, like being in a lounge or restaurant. For people that like to entertain, a counter-height table is a great option.


A style that has popped up in homes across the country as of late is rustic or farm-style decor. The weather patina look of these tables can be paired with a number of chair styles, from modern to traditional, for an effortlessly chic look. With a number of silhouettes, there is likely a rustic style table that will work in any space.

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