Tranquil Respite with Century Furniture

One of the wonderful things about interior design is its ability to evoke different emotions. Just like art, the right design choices can make a space feel exciting, energetic, inviting…whatever you desire.

At the recent Spring Market, our team of Milwaukee interior designers were introduced to some fabulous new styles crafted by Century Furniture. In this post, we’d like to take a moment to highlight one known as Tranquil Respite.

For some, home is a place that’s seen as a sanctuary of sorts – a place we desire to feel peaceful, calm, and serene. Through the use of mixed fabrics, stunning wood finishes, and other materials, Tranquil Respite truly achieves that goal.

Here’s a bit about the style, as told by Century Furniture.

Soft lavenders, creams, whites, and touches of deep-purple grey mix to create a tranquil respite. Whispers of color, these barely there tones are emerging in home décor as we retreat from the chaos outside our homes. These rooms feel soft and serene, but never sweet or cute. Feminine but not delicate. Metal, lucite, glass, and painted wood elements add a luxe quality that is present but understated.

What’s truly unique about this style is its ability to make a space feel like an everyday escape. From bedroom to living space and everywhere in between, the Tranquil Respite style is a reminder to all of us to pause, take a break, and relax.

Since 1947, Century Furniture has been a staple in the high-end furniture market. With a dedication to unmatched quality and a passion for timeless design, the pieces from this brand continue to beckon spaces throughout the homes of our clients. Visit our showroom to speak with one of our Milwaukee interior designers and learn how we can help you transform your space into a Tranquil Respite.